There are two things that the Sheriff’s are requiring from all of us. Please complete both by the deadlines outlined below. Both documents are attached.

NEW JAIL ENTRY TRACKING SYSTEM (JETS) – Registration Deadline by December 31, 2018

LASD is implementing a new access system for volunteers when we come into the jail. It’s called the JETS Jail Entry Tracking System. It will swipe your California Driver’s License to register us everytime we enter. But first, you need to get registered on the system!! Very important!

You can register at any of the four facilities – Twin Towers, Men’s Central Jail, CRDF and PDC (Pritchess Det. Center) — no matter which facility you may have a panel in or go to speak at. Please review the attached schedule. Go to the facility of your choice at the designated location on the day and hours shown with your California Driver’s License and you will register right there when you show up.

RVS VOLUNTEER PERSONAL INFORMATION FORM (see below) — Return by October 15, 2018

This information needs to be completed every year by every volunteer. Please print out the attached form, fill it out and email it back to Jail POC at the monthly H&I meeting. DO NOT SEND TO THE SHERIFF!