Chapter 3 – More About Alcoholism

SCV H&I - Chapter 3.pdf

Chapter 5 – How It Works

SCV H&I - Chapter 5.pdf

Chapter 11 – A Vision for You

SCV H&I - Chapter 11 - A Vision for You.pdf

Court Card

SCV H&I - Court Card - Sheet1.pdf

Hospital Panel Format

SCV H&I - Hospital Panel Format.pdf

Hospital Panel Speaker Confirmation

SCV H&I - Hospital Panel Speaker Confirmation.pdf

Jail Panel Format

SCV H&I - Jail Panel Format.pdf

Meeting Format

SCV H&I - Meeting format.pdf

Panel Leader’s Speaker Confirmation Record

SCV H&I - Panel Leader’s Speaker Confirmation Record.pdf

Panel Rules for Leaders and Speakers

SCV H&I - Panel Rules for Leaders and Speakers.pdf

The Twelve Traditions

SCV H&I - The Twelve Traditions.pdf